Rates & reservations

Rates and reservations (* request via e-mail).

All the rates in our manuals and sales rates are expressed in United States Dollars (U$D), except those that, duly marked, will be expressed in Argentine Pesos (AR$). Stipulated prices include planning, handling and operating charges, and are based on current rates. VAT (value added tax) will NOT be included in the rates in their contractual value of 21%, 10.5%, or exempt unless they appear in their corresponding detail. They do not include perceptions and special taxes, which will be duly clarified in the quotes sent.

The rates expressed are subject to change without prior notice and to be confirmed at the time of booking. They must be made via e-mail to our Reservations Center [email protected] with the subject / subject: RESERVATION DEPOSIT corresponding to 40% of the total value of the trip or what is requested in the quote made.

The balance must be paid according to the terms specified in each program (consult your commercial advisor). Deposits and payments for pre-trip and post-trip options are specific to each program and will be explained and communicated at the time of reservation and purchase.

We will be grateful if you send us a copy of the proof of the bank deposit made, via e-mail to [email protected] We will confirm the reservations once we have received the RESERVATION DEPOSIT. The remaining balance until canceling 100% of the value of the trip must be paid before the deadline stipulated by our company in your travel contract before the scheduled arrival date for you or for the group.

Rates do not include tickets to National Parks or any other type of fee, entrance ticket, port or airport fees, etc.

Delays in payments
All late payments are subject to a penalty of 5% interest per month, or 60% annually. Wilderness Patagonia reserves the right to cancel any reservation that is not paid within the terms specifically stipulated for each program / departure or to deny the beginning of the program or boarding if there are outstanding balances.

Special requests
Wilderness Patagonia will always try to meet special requests, but does not guarantee things such as item models, sizes, the type of equipment, special meals, etc. Please make sure that all special requests are communicated to your booking agent at the time of booking. It is very important for us to know any special requirements in advance of the passengers arrival (allergies, food requirements, other details, etc.).

Optional Activities
The prices indicated are based on the participation of the services indicated in the reservation confirmation and no refunds will be made for any part of the program in which you decide not to participate.

Children’s Participation
Wilderness Patagonia welcomes passengers under the age of 16 on the date of travel accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian or with a waiver signed by the legal responsible before taking services. Consult each program in particular with your travel or reservation agent.

Pre and Post Trips
Pre and post travel / activity options organized by Wilderness Patagonia may not be refundable after booking, please check with your travel / booking agent for the particular Terms and Conditions regarding the program you have booked. Cancellations received less than 90 days before departure are fully non-refundable (100%).

Departures with a minimum of passengers
Those programs, packages or trips with a minimum of required passengers may be canceled up to 15 days before the departure date provided by Wilderness Patagonia. In the event that the trip is canceled due to not having reached the minimum number of passengers, 100% of the value received will be refunded less the corresponding administrative expenses.
In these cases, neither the passenger nor the contracting agency have anything to claim from Wilderness Patagonia, other than the exact amount of money they have paid to reserve the program, package or trip. The eventual cancellation of the trip for not having reached the minimum number of passengers does not imply any compensation for the passenger or the contracting agency / agent for any reason.